The Trevisani Nel Mondo is an international not for profit association with local chapters situated all around the world. Each chapter has a mission to promote the incredible culture, share the beautiful language and to explore the vast history of the province of Treviso, Italy - the place where Trevisani Nel Mondo originated.

tosoThe annual celebration of the Trevisani Nel Mondo is a gala dinner gathering of Trevisani emigrants, Trevisani families, Trevisani decendants and Trevisani friends from not only Sault Ste. Marie, but all across Ontario.


When the Catholic bishop of a northern province in Italy wanted to connect with the area's native sons and daughters who left for Canada and other countries, he turned to Msgr. Canuto Toso.

Toso founded Trevisani Nel Mondo in 1972. There are now 70 associations, including one in Sault Ste. Marie, worldwide and another 60 in Italy. A magazine featuring news from association members boasts 10,000 subscribers.

Toso was the honoured guest at the Trevisani Nel Mondo - Sault Ste. Marie annual dinner at Marconi Club in 2010 before an audience of 310, Toso presented scrolls to 33 city residents who moved from Treviso to Canada 50 or more years ago. (news article



Nancy Barbon

Allan Braido

Ben Brescacin

Nadia Bruni

Pietro DalCin

Rony DalCin

Onorio and Stella Gazzola

Mary-Lou MacDonald

John Morassut

Stephen Morassut

Nadia Sartor (President)

Don Scornaienchi

Paula Zagordo

Photo: 2010 first meeting with Founder Don Canuto Toso, new President Nadia Sartor
and Commitee Members: Don Scorniaienchi, Nancy Barbon and John Carlo Morassut

Sault Ste. Marie featured in Trevisani Nel Mondo International Magazine